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Your Gateway to Japanese Used Cars and Trucks in the USA

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Find Your Dream Japanese Used Car with Autocom Japan Inc.

At Autocom Japan Inc., we pride ourselves on being one of the leading exporters of Japanese used cars, JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles, and Japanese trucks to the USA. With access to all Japanese car auctions, our mission is to help you find and buy your dream car at the most affordable prices.

Import Regulation from Japan to USA

Age Requirement for Importing Japanese Cars to the USA

• Vehicles must be at least 25 years old to qualify for importation under the U.S. classic or antique vehicle exemption, allowing them to bypass some federal safety and emission standards.

Vehicle Type and Import Duty

• Automobiles are subject to a 2.5% duty, trucks at 25%, and motorbikes at 2.4%, based on the purchase price.

Inspection Requirements for Imported Vehicles

• The U.S. Agriculture Department mandates an inspection to ensure vehicles are free of biological contaminants like soil and plant material. Cars must be thoroughly washed prior to shipping.

Compliance with EPA and DOT Standards

• Vehicles not meeting the 25-year exemption must comply with EPA emissions and DOT safety standards. Classic or antique vehicles generally enjoy exemptions but must still meet specific importation criteria.

Exclusive Access to Japanese Car Auctions

Discover exclusive Japanese car auctions with Autocom Japan Inc. Find a vast selection of JDM cars, trucks, and more at wholesale prices. Benefits include:

  • • Wide Selection: Thousands of quality Japanese used cars and trucks.
  • • Transparent Pricing: Direct bidding with no hidden fees.
  • • Quality Assurance: Every vehicle rigorously inspected for reliability.

Choose Autocom Japan Inc. for an unmatched car buying experience.

Request a Demo Auction Account

Explore Japanese used car auctions with a Demo Auction Account from us. Discover competitive pricing across a diverse selection. Register now for a commitment-free experience.

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Maximize Savings with Optimal Container Plans

Ship more cars at lower costs with our efficient container solutions. Enjoy faster shipping to the USA with weekly departures. Explore 3, 4, and 6-car configurations, plus more. Let our experts tailor the best saving plan for you.

Seamless Japanese Used Car Shipping to Major US Ports

Get your Japanese used car shipped efficiently from Japan to your preferred US port.

USA Arrival Port

Our comprehensive service covers:

  • • New York
  • • Baltimore
  • • Newport News
  • • Savannah
  • • Jacksonville
  • • Port Everglades
  • • Port Hueneme
  • • Miami
  • • Galveston
  • • Freeport (Texas)
  • • Tacoma
  • • Oakland
  • • Long Beach
  • • Los Angeles
  • • Boston

Experience reliable and hassle-free delivery directly to a wide selection of ports across the USA.

How to buy your vehicle?

Importing your vehicle from Japan is easier than you think.

auction access

Request for Auction Access & Registration

• Keep an Auction deposit to gain access to auction events in Japan.
• Register with Autocom Japan to start bidding on the vehicles you want.
• Sign the Sales & Purchase Agreement and group your bids to maximize your chances of winning.
• Bid on the vehicle you want and purchase it through Autocom Japan.

vehicle quote

Request for Vehicle Quote

• Once you have purchased your vehicle, request a quote from Autocom Japan for the total cost including vehicle price, shipping, and other charges.
• We will issue an invoice to you for the total amount due.
• Make the payment according to the payment terms agreed upon.


Vehicle Delivery

• Autocom Japan will arrange shipping for your vehicle, delivering it to the port of your choice within 25-to 30 days of purchase.
• Our Shipping Partners: Nissan Motor Car Carrier Co. Ltd, The Keihin Co.Ltd, K-line, NYK & MOL
• Choose from multiple ports in east and west coast.
• Our shipping partners are reliable and experienced in transporting vehicles from Japan to your country.


Documentation Process

• Autocom Japan will handle all documentation related to your vehicle shipment, including customs clearance and export procedures.
• We will deliver your documents to your doorstep through DHL


Clear your car from the port

• Contact your authorized compliance agent with required documents.
• Once your vehicle has been delivered, you are ready to hit the road in your new Autocom Japan car.
• Our vehicles are thoroughly inspected and serviced to ensure a smooth driving experience for our customers.

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