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About Delivery

Unless indicated all vehicles are located in our Japan stockyards. Once your order is confirmed your vehicle will need to be transferred via sea-shipping to our location

Shipping times differ based on the seaport of destination but shipments can take 4 to 6 weeks after leaving Japan to reach your nearest seaport.

Shipment Reservation

After obtaining the payment confirmation, we will make a reservation for the ship. When the reservation process is successful, the shipping name and planned location will be notified.

NOTE : Please confirm the shipping schedules with your sales staff prior to confirming your order, to avoid any possible disappointment.
ETD : Estimated Time of Departure
ETA : Estimate Time of Arrival

Vehicle Registration

Registration procedures are required for vehicles attached to the port of the destination. Procedures will vary depending on the country, please contact seller.



What shipping methods are available with Autocom Japan.


RORO is the most common method of shipping used. We can also arrange shipment via container for ports that offer this. Please contact us for more details.

RORO ship : roll-on / roll-off ship (car carrier)
Container ship : cars are put in a container then loaded onto a ship


Can I arrange delivery by myself?


If you are importing a car into a country where trading by FOB is permitted, you can arrange delivery service by yourself.
If you wish to arrange yourself, please contact us in advance.


How long does it take for a car to arrive?


Delivery time depends on the port of departure and the destination country. In addition some countries may require additional inspections before shipment, which could affect the time it takes to be shipped.
In the case of shipment to East Africa, cars are shipped 2 to 3 weeks after payment is confirmed, and shipment will take about one month from the date of departure.


Can I track shipment status


Once the shipment has been confirmed we will send you a copy of the B/L.
Using the B/L number you can track more exact details from the shipping lines website


Can I change the delivery address for my documents?


If you wish to change the delivery address for the documents, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that changing the delivery address may delay dispatching of the documents, and that once the documents are dispatched we are no longer able to change any delivery details.


What should I do after receiving my car?


After receiving your car please register it and enjoy driving your new vehicle.

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