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Basic Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

Autocom Japan Inc, hereby declares the following basic policy in order to prevent damages caused by groups or individuals, classified as “Anti Social Forces” (ASF), that pursue economic benefit by make use of violence, force and fraudulent means.

1. Autocom Japan Inc. will primarily ensure the safety of its employees against ASF and implement appropriate measures as an organization.

2. We will terminate all relationships with any parties deemed to be ASF, including business relationships, with our staff offering their full support in this matter.

3. Autocom Japan Inc. will never offer any benefits or conduct any form of transactions with ASF.

4. Autocom Japan Inc. will decisively reject any unreasonable demands from ASF with absolute fortitude. Autocom Japan Inc. will take whatever necessary civil and criminal legal action to respond to these demands.

5. In order to eliminate ASF activity, Autocom Japan Inc. will establish a collaborative relationship and maintain close communication with outside professional organizations, including the police, lawyers, along with the ASF Elimination Center.

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