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New User Guide

What is Autocom Japan ?

Autocom Japan is Japanese Used cars Exporter. Ever since its foundation in 2007, Autocom Japan has been delivering automobiles to numerous clients worldwide. We have been building trusted relationships with all of our customers, and stedaily expanding our month sales.

Currently, we export over 7,000 units every month. In the midst of this success, our most important commitment has always been to handle each and every vehicle with care, seeing things from the customers point of view.

What is Autocom Japan


How to buy a used car from Japan? Autocom Japan has thousands of stock cars available for your direct purchase. We provide a hassle-free shopping experience.
1- find your desired car on our website
2- fill out a quotation form with your phone number and email (we get back to you immediately)
3- get invoice & complete the payment
4- car is shipped
5- custom clearance & enjoy driving

First of all sign in or sign up or choose your country to see the prices Find a car and inquire Payment Shipment Clearing

How to Register, a 3 step process (Estimated time required: 3 min)

Registration is 100% free and will grant you access to several member only features.
(easy inquiry, favorites list, information on purchased vehicles can be confirmed and more!)

  1. Proceed to the member resistration page.

    how to register img01 how to register img02
  2. Fill in your details and click submit to sign up.
    By checking the check box you agree to recieve promotion offers from Autocom Japan
    By creating an account, you agree to Autocom Japan's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

    how to register img03
  3. We will send you a confirmation email once your registration has been completed.
    *Depending on your mail settings our emails may be sent to your spam folder, please check here if you do not see the email.

    how to register img04

    Head to the sign in page and enter your ID and Password to login

    how to register img05

My Page

  1. Sign in from the top page

    Sign in img01
  2. To access your MYPAGE click on the MY PAGE link at the top of the page.

    Sign in img02
  3. You can access the following features on your MY PAGE.

    Sign in img03

    FAVORITES:Vehicles added to Favorites
    INQUIRIES:Vehicles you inquired
    PURCHASE HISTORY:History of purchased vehicle
    TT APPLICATION UPLOAD:TT Application Upload
    ACCOUNT:The statuses of all payments you have made to ACJ
    SETTINGS:Veiw and edit your current accoutn settings or change your ID and password
    LANGUAGE PREFERENCES:Language setting

How to Edit your user profile

  1. Sign into your account. (How to Sign in) / (How to Regist)

  2. Go to Mypage and click SETTINGS.

  3. You can edit ID / Password / Category / Address.

    How to edit your profile img

How to add/delete Favorites

  1. Sign into your account.

  2. Go to the stock list or a vehicle page.

  3. Add to your favourites by clicking "Add" or "♡".

    How to add Favorites img01 How to add Favorites img02
  4. Your can see vehicles added to your favorite list from your MY PAGE.
    Or you can check them from the "My Favorite List" tab in the search window.

    How to add Favorites img03 How to add Favorites img04

How to Edit language setting

  1. Sign into your account.

  2. Go to Mypage and click LANGUAGE PREFERENCES.

  3. Set your preferred language to be shown on our web sites.

    Language Preferences 03
    Language Preferences 01
    Language Preferences 02



My signup failed, what should I do?


You cannot register with a new account with an email address that has already been registered.
If you have forgotten your email address, you can request this information from the "Forgot Password" tab in the account pannel


I forgot my Login ID. What can I do?


Please follow the bellow steps to recover your login ID.

1 Go to the Sign in page.
2 Click "Forgot Password".
3 Enter the emailed you used to sign up and click submit.
4 Your login information will be automatically sent to your email addess.


I forgot my password. What should I do?


Please follow the steps below to obtain your password.

1 Go to the Sign in page.
2 Click "Forgot Password".
3 Enter the emailed you used to sign up and click submit.
4 Your login information will be automatically sent to your email addess.


How do I edit my profile?


Please follow the steps below to edit your profile.

1 Sign into your account..
2 Go to MYPAGE and click SETTINGS on the left.
3 Select the part you want to change and edit it.
4 Click the "save" button


How do I change my e-mail address?


Your email account email address cannot be changed from your MYPAGE.
If you wish to change your email address please contact us directly "Contact Us".

Need help? Send us a message.