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Autocom Japan New Zealand

Autocom Japan Inc is the leading car export company based in Yokohama Japan. We export cars all of the world with 10 agents scattered across the globe. Our cars are carefully checked for New Zealand standards.

We offer customized auction services with the lowest rates. Autocom ships through all major agents including special rates through Moana Blue and Sun Phoenix. For consultation please contact one of our friendly knowledgeable staff.

Why Autocom Japan New Zealand

Our buyers, yard staff and sales agents are specially trained for New Zealand market which allows you to enjoy the best quality of products and due to our company size we can offer competitive market prices and shipping speed with the ability to look after customers of any size.

We offer sales through both stock and through our online auction system with payment on arrival terms.

Our Service


Through our simple and easy to use auction system, you will be connected to every major Japanese auctions.
All cars are checked by our experienced sales staff, plus again by our inspectors when they arrive to our yard. With fees starting from 45,000 yen we believe this is a great rate that customers can take advantage of.


Our stock cars are checked 3 times, twice by independent companies and once by our own staff to ensure their quality and that they make New Zealand standards. For any issues that arise we have a fairy claims policy in place in order to solve any issues.
Please contact our sales staff for further information.



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