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May 26, 2020

Compre sua viatura do JAPÃO através do Pacote Completo

Estou aqui para relembrar todos os mocambicanos da Historia da Autocom Japan Mocambique e como e facil adquirir sua viatura pelo Pacote Completo
O servico pioneiro que mudou o mercado de viaturas usadas em Mocambique, o resto e tudo copia.

Maio de 2015 inaurugamos a Autocom Japan Mocambique em Maputo com uma promessa.
Trazer viaturas usadas de qualidade, com bom preco e com a facilidade de comprar e receber as chaves nas maos.

May 15, 2020

#JapanStats Worldwide Exports of Used Cars from JAPAN

Japan is a World Economy No.3, and well known for its BEST CARS in the world.
Constant researches and developments on the automotive industry, brought Japan for a leading position in the sector. Japan is also the No.3 Car Producer in the World, following after China and the United States of America.
Used car exports from Japan has its own micro-economy, supplying more than 200 destinations worldwide. This segment makes up 0.12% of the entire Japan GDP.

2019Y Japan GDP 5.154TLN USD
2019Y All used car exports 1,302,111 (*excluding brand new cars, car value less than 2000USD)
2019Y All used car exports value 6.1BLN USD / Average price unit 5,766 USD.

- Japan's total used car export
- Top used cars importing countries
- Used car average prices
- Container shipment and RoRo shipment
- Facts about importing countries
- Bar race chart of 2019 for the top 20 countries

Data Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Apr 22, 2020

Order your cars with #CONFIDENCE | Autocom Japan

During this difficult time of COVID-19, Autocom Japan is there for you! Place your orders with confidence.

- We respect your right to choose your supplier, and order from Japan
- Because we believe in healthy competition and best prices to be present in the market.
- We understand and we listen to your needs and requirements.
- As a supplier from Japan, it is our utmost priority to deliver the Quality with Reliability.
- It is our task to gain your trust and confidence.
- Therefore, we adopt ourselves into the crisis circumstances. Keeping peace of mind and genuine business conduct.
- Our team members are remotely dedicated to their tasks, and 24/7 out there to serve you.
- We truly believe, we need to standby our esteemed customers, as you are always there for us!
- When you search for your cars, Autocom Japan is there to offer you the best deals.
- We make sure the flexibility is always there for you.

Autocom Japan Inc.
"your choice of quality with confidence"

Apr 17, 2020

Vehicules d'occasion pour la DRC Kinshasa ||| Cars from JAPAN to Kinshasa / D.R.Congo

Bonjour nos amis de la DRC.
Dans cette video vous allez avoir une idée de comment acheter un ou plusieurs voitures chez Autocom Japan
la livraison du Japon jusqu'a Kinshasa clef en main!
Video presentee par Hamidi de l'equipe de vente.
WHATSAPP: +81-90-9813-1974

Permettez moi de vous présenter notre société, AUTOCOM JAPAN INC
- Voitures du Japon
- Les enchères de véhicules
- Meilleures prix
- Expedition rapide
- Service de haute qualité
- Service commerciale de norme Japonaise
- Fiabilité
- Support
- Professionnel
- Confiance
- Succès

Apr 10, 2020

Used Cars in RUSSIA: Market Report by Autocom Japan

Здравствуйте, уважаемые партнеры!
На Российский авторынок компания начала работать в 2007 г. С тех пор, мы экспортировали из Японии более (90 000 девяноста тысяч) автомобилей в различные регионы России!

Что нас выгодно отличает:
- доступ КО ВСЕМ авто аукционам
- японский уровень сервиса
- быстрая доставка
- самые лучшие тарифы

Общий поток экспорта автомобилей в Россию делится на два направления.
Приморье и Сибирь получают груз во Владивостоке. Отправка происходит судами RORO. Центральную чать обслуживает #Новороссийск, куда мы отгружаем автомобили в контейнерах

Наша команда профессионалов поможет вам приобрести качественные автомобили по лучшей цене!
А теперь, давайте посмотрим на интересные факты из нашей статистики продаж за 2019 год!


Here is the used cars market statistics for #Russia in 2019.
Autocom Japan has exported 15,711 Japanese used cars to Russia in 2019. And more than 90,000 units since the establishment of the company.
Cars are delivered to TWO main ports via container and RoRo; #Vladivostok Port and Novorossiysk Port.

Mar 30, 2020

Used Cars from JAPAN to EUROPE | ACJ Market Report

How many used cars are being exported from #Japan to European countries?
Can we buy Left Hand Drive ( #LHD ) cars from Japan?
Which cars are the best sellers?
Which ports are available for the delivery?
What are the average FOB prices?
Is importing Right Hand Drive (RHD) cars allowed?
All these questions and more are answered in this Autocom Japan 2019 European market review video.
Autocom Japan is supplying our customers in #Europe with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen units, as well as, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Honda cars.
We cooperate with number of logistics companies and deliver your cars to any port in Europe via Container and RORO shipment.

Join us and experience Japanese quality!
→ Website:

The followings are our partner agencies who can assist you with the customs services and forwarding.

Port Bremerhaven/Germany

+49 471 94189050

Port Rotterdam / Netherlands
+31 (0)10 - 429 68 44

+31 10 493 3333

Port Le Havre / France
+33 02 35 21 22 38

Mar 12, 2020

AUTOCOM JAPAN Mombasa Kilindini Office | Whole Package Service

Autocom Japan has been in service of the lovely Kenyan market with best vehicles, best price and having prompt responses from Kenyan customers.

This time Autocom Japan is introducing the new level of service for all our Kenyan customers.
Our local offices provide you the WHOLE PACKAGE vehicle delivery.

- Leave your hustle to our professional.
- Have your best vehicle selected with us!
- Our professionals will assist you in selection,
- Quote you the BEST prices,
- Quote you the SIMULATIONS on the KRA Import Taxes.
- Quote you the Clearing Fees and port charges.
- PBA, authorized clearing agent

Overall, you will see ONE FULL number paid for your chosen vehicle.

Entire process of purchase, pre-shipment inspection, shipment and delivery to your doorstep to be done by US!

Customers will lay back, get updates on the progress, and finally get keys and drive away!
In case you don't want to wait for cars to be shipped and delivered, Autocom Japan provides you the stock on the ground! Select Your vehicle and Drive Away NOW!
Don't delay! Come and Try Us,
Select your vehicles!
Get Quotes!

Contact offices in Kenya,

ACJ Kenya Mombasa Kilindini Office ACJ Kenya Mombasa ACJ Kenya Nairobi
>>Autocom Japan Kenya

Mar 10, 2020

Japanese Auto Auctions: BUY A CAR from Japan!

You are tired of fixing your broken car?
You have had enough of spending on the maintenance?
You are worried about your high mileage unit?
You are NOT satisfied with the condition and price of the used cars at the local market?

- Low mileage
- Good condition
- Best price
- Japanese quality

Autocom Japan is a top used cars exporter in Japan. We help you buy the best cars and deliver them to anywhere in the world. You can choose your cars from our extensive STOCK LIST or from the auto auctions happening everyday in Japan.
Today, I will be explaining A-Z all about Auto Auctions in Japan.

Auto auctions are the most popular method to sell used vehicles in Japan. Most customers are seeking a cheap vehicle to start with or replace their older vehicle. There are many also trying to sell their vehicles. Individuals though cannot directly use auto auctions, but must go through companies such as ACJ holding auction memberships.
In Japan there are over 30 well known auto auction groups and over 200 auto auction locations.Depending on the day of the week, 20,000~70,000 units are auctioned daily. 60-70 percent of the auctioned cars are sold. The rest will be re-auctioned next week or moved to different auction houses.

Why buy from auto auctions?
- Wide variety of vehicle choices
- The buyer decides the price and bids accordingly
- Japanese cars well maintained
- Auctions are held from Monday to Saturday except national holidays

Mar 5, 2020

Véhicules d'occasion en provenance directe du Japon

Une visite rapide a notre stock a Yokohama, Veuillez s'il vous plait aimer et partager et s'abonner.
Commandez votre voiture de rêve maintenant chez Hamidi
Whatsapp: 0081 90 9813 1974

Mar 2, 2020

Nostalgic 2 Days: Japanese Classic Cars Show

Nostalgic2days is Japan's largest classic motor show jointly hosted by the classic car magazines "NostalgicHero", "Hachimaru Hero" and "Nostalgic SPEED". All classic/retro car shops, parts manufacturers, and restore shops are gathered in the Pacifico Event Hall to showcase domestically produced classic cars. It is an event where you can enjoy "meet," "buy," and "enjoy" from valuable vehicle displays to limited goods.

Some remarkable nostalgic cars were:
- Prince Gloria
- Toyota 2000GT
- Nissan Skyline GT-R Kenmeri
- Toyota Celsior
- Datsun 1600
- Nissan Skyline Hakosuka

Feb 6, 2020


#Sumo (相撲, sumō) is a Japanese style of wrestling and Japan's national #sport. It originated in ancient times as a performance to entertain the Shinto deities. Many rituals with religious background, such as the symbolic purification of the ring with salt, are still followed today. A roof representing Shinto shrine is suspended over the wrestling ring. In line with tradition, only men practice the sport professionally in Japan. Women are forbidden from entering or touching the ring. But they can watch sumo from any spots, including the ringside seats.

Six tournaments are held every year: three in #Tokyo and one each in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Each tournament lasts for 15 days during which each wrestler performs in one match per day.

There are six divisions in sumo, in descending order of prestige:
makuuchi (幕内). Maximum 42 wrestlers
jūryō (十両). Fixed at 28 wrestlers
makushita (幕下). Fixed at 120 wrestlers
sandanme (三段目). Fixed at 200 wrestlers
jonidan (序二段). About 200 wrestlers
jonokuchi (序ノ口). Around 50 wrestlers


Yokozuna Hakuho, Yokozuna Kakuryu, Ozeki Takakeisho, Ozeki Goeido, Sekiwake Takayasu, Sekiwake Asanoyama, Komusubi Abi, Maegashira Enho, Maegashira Endo, Maegashira Tokushoryu and more.

Born on1994, 1.68cm tall and 98kg.
Sumo debut in March 2017. Reached Makuuchi division in May 2019; he has been an entertaining wrestler to watch due to his smaller body size and unique techniques. His performance has been improving in every tournament and made huge progress in the ranking table. He became an inspiration to young sumo wrestlers and proved that size is not the only thing that matters in Sumo.

Jan 27, 2020

All-inclusive, complete tour of Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 | TAS2020

Tokyo Auto Salon has always been about designing, styling and tuning. Total of 438 automakers and auto parts manufactures displayed 800 custom and race cars, plus massive amount of auto parts.
It was estimated that around 300,000 guests visited the show.

Autocom Japan A-Team brings you all-inclusive tour video of Tokyo Auto Salon 2020.

- Toyota #GR_Yaris
- Nissan #GTR50 by ItalDesign
- Honda #NSX-GT
- Subaru Levorg STI
- Toyota GR Supra GT
- Mercedes AMG GT3
- Daihatsu HiJet
- Suzuki Jimny Adventure
- Ferrari 458GT
- more....

Jan 23, 2020

SUMMARY: Free Car Giveaway | Christmas Campaign

This is a summary video of the free car giveaway campaign run by Autocom Japan Inc.
on Christmas Eve, Abel Msuya (@Official__msuya) was announced as the winner on ACJ Instagram.
He is a professional photographer from Moshi / Tanzania. He has shared his first impression which is included in the video. Toyota IST model was chosen and it will be delivered to Dar-Es-Salaam port.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation and check our website for more campaigns to come.

Jan 9, 2020

Mongolia: Used Cars Market REPORT

Since 2011, Autocom Japan has delivered more than 90,000 units to its valuable Mongolian customers.
Our monthly export volume to #Mongolia is averaging around 2,000 units.
The best selling cars are:
- Toyota #Prius
- Toyota Aqua
- Toyota Harrier
- Subaru Forester
- Nissan X-Trail
- Toyota Alphard

We always strive to provide an outstanding service to our customers:
- 2~3 week delivery time to #Ulaanbaatar by RORO / container shipping
- the best service charge available in the market
- access to Japanese auto auctions
- dedicated teams based in Yokohama and Ulaanbaatar cities

Our commitments are:
= Quality
= Speed
= Reliability
= Affordability

We are looking forward to delivering your dream car in 2020 and building a strong business relationship.


Jan 8, 2020

Поставки автомобилей Япония - Новороссийск | from Japan to NOVOROSSIYSK

Компания #AutocomJapan была основана в 2007 году и вот, уже более 10 лет мы одни из курпнейших экспортеров автомобилей из Японии. Наша команда - это профессионалы с многолетним опытом.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Отличительные черты нашей компании:
1. Персональный консультант каждому клиенту
2. Доступ на все авто-аукционы Японии
3. Уникальная система приема и обработки ставок
4. Качественный и оперативный перевод аукционных листов
5. Удобный личный кабинет
6. Сильнейшая команда логистов
7. Надежный крепеж и большая клиентская база для быстрой консолидации контейнеров
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
С нами вы можете отправить автомобиль в Новороссийск, Абхазию, Северную и Южную Осетию, Украину и другие направления.  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Наши партнеры в г. Новороссийск
г.Новороссийск, ул. Конституции, 15 +7 (8617) 30-20-20

ABC Logistics. Международные перевозки и таможенное оформление
Тел.: +7 (812) 725-4880
Эл. почта:
Адрес: г. Санкт-Петербург, ул. Можайская, д. 18

Marine Logitics ООО "Морская Логистика"
353900, Краснодарский край, г. Новороссийск, ул. Энгельса дом 7/16А, помещение 2, офис 302. +7 (928) 405-09-01

Эверест Плюс - Таможенный перевозчик
353900, Россия, г.Новороссийск,
ул. Леднева 5, офис 203

Dec 24, 2019


===== on SALE =====
- 2014, 53.000km
- Auto Transmission
- 8 Seater
- 4600cc V8 Engine
- Leather Seats
- Seat Heater
- Power Window
- Power Seats
- Back Camera
- Steering Switch
- 18" Alloy Wheel
- 4.5 Auction Grade
- Air Conditioner

#542395 (

Dec 10, 2019

(in Swahili) Recapping Tanzanian Used Car Market Report

Autocom Japan Inc. exports used vehicles worldwide.
ACJ sales staff is recapping the statistics of Tanzanian used car market in Swahili language.
- The best selling brands
- Popular hatchback, sedan and SUV units
- Average C&F prices

You can visit / contact our local offices in Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam Office
SAMORA TOWER, Plot No 123/50 Mansfield and Bridge Street, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.
WhatsApp: +255 763 880 118

Arusha Office
MEGA COMPLEX, Plot No 45/46, Market Street, Arusha, Tanzania
WhatsApp: +255 742 130 000

>>Tanzania Office Information

Dec 5, 2019

Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2019 | AUTOCOM JAPAN

Autocom Japan Inc - Global Car Exporter, with the A-Team is sharing some interesting shows, exhibition, all related to the motor vehicle industry. This time we have visited #YOKOHAMA_HOT_ROD_CUSTOM_SHOW 2019, organized by MOONEYES, the largest indoor custom car and motorcycle show in Japan. The event features guest and builders from all over the world, swap meet and vendor spaces, live bands, custom paint contest, pinstripers and so much more wrapped up in a one-day show.

Nov 29, 2019

TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2019 | Autocom Japan Inc.

The 46th #Tokyo_Motor_Show 2019 was held by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 24 to November 4.

"Open Future" was the theme of this year's Tokyo Motor Show, in which 192 globally active corporations and organizations representing a range of industries participated. The show's expanded scope focused not only on the excitement of cars and motorcycles but on new themes such as "Homes of the future" and "Cities of the future," enabling a total of 1,300,900 visitors to experience the future of mobility and get a glimpse of a future "mobility society."

#Concept_Cars far exceeded what you can imagine; some popular concept vehicles:
- #Lexus LF-30
- #Mercedes Benz VISION EQS
- #Nissan Ariya
- #Nissan iMk
- #Toyota LQ
- #Mitsubishi MiTech

Nissan G-TR Nismo and Honda Acura NSX had long waiting lines.
Visitors also enjoyed motorbikes, drones, trucks, vintage cars, smart home appliances and more.
Tokyo Motor Show was a big success. Will there be more attendees next year to break this years 1,300,900 record?
brought to you by Autocom Japan A-TEAM

Nov 20, 2019

FREE CAR - Christmas Giveaway by Autocom Japan Inc.

Win a Free Car!
This year's ACJ Christmas Giveaway is a #CAR. Joining the contest is free of charge. The giveaway campaign ends on December 20th.
Let your friends and families know of this great opportunity of winning a car for this Christmas.

How to participate in the giveaway campaign?
Visit Autocom Japan giveaway campaign page for details:

Best of luck!

Autocom Japan Christmas Giveaway "Terms and Conditions apply".

Nov 18, 2019

Monster Jam 2019 JAPAN | Autocom Japan Inc.

#Feld_Entertainment® has brought joy and excitement to Japanese fans all across the country. #MonsterJam 2019 was held in Japan on November 2nd and November 3rd at the MetLife Dome (formerly Seibu Dome) in Saitama, the home for the professional baseball team Saitama #SeibuLions.
Monster Jam is a high velocity live family motorsports entertainment show. Every year, Monster Jam hosts over 350 shows all over the world with 4 millions fans in attendance. With #MONSTER_TRUCKS of 4 meters tall and weighing over 5 tons, fans will be treating to high action and total excitement watching our world class athletes push these beasts beyond their limits!

This year's Monster Jam 2019 Japan video is brought to you by #A-TEAM from Autocom Japan.

Upcoming Monster Jam Events:
- SIOUX FALLS, SD November 8 - 9: Denny Sanford Premier Center
- BRIDGEPORT, CT November 15 - 17: Webster Bank Arena
- MINNEAPOLIS, MN December 14: U.S. Bank Stadium
- SALT LAKE CITY, UT January 3 - 4: Vivint Smart Home Arena

Nov 17, 2019

Autocom Japan: BUYING A CAR

Nov 16, 2019

Car Bazaar in #Ulaanbaatar / MONGOLIA | ACJ Team

Autocom Japan #MONGOLIA Team consists of highly skilled experts, who are dedicated to the delivery of quality service and customized solutions. If you consider buying Japanese used car in Mongolia, please drop by our office in Ulaanbaatar. There are hundreds of units available on our stock list for your consideration. You may as well choose to participate in Japanese auto #auctions and buy your dream car.
MONGOLIA BEST-SELLERS: Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Nissan X-Trail, Subaru Forester, Toyota Aqua, Toyota Land Cruiser, and more.

Nov 13, 2019

How To Buy a Car from Japan | AUTOCOM JAPAN

Quick steps of buying a car from #JAPAN through #Autocom_Japan_Inc

- select your vehicle(s) from the STOCK at
- request through the website or contact our Sales Managers
- close the deal and confirm the agreement terms

- receive your confirmed vehicle proforma invoice
- proceed your payment through your local bank
- send the copy of the payment in TT / SWIFT copies

- confirm your correct consignee details for shipment
- get updated on the Estimated time of Departure and Arrival
- vehicle is shipped and tracking information is provided

- original documents are delivered to you via DHL
- your vehicle(s) is delivered at agreed point of destination
- enjoy your new car! thanks for choosing Autocom Japan!

Nov 12, 2019

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TRJ120 in MONGOLIA

This beautiful video clip of #TOYOTA #land_cruiser #Prado120 was shared by our Mongolian customer. We thank him for this wonderful content.
Autocom Japan Inc. exports Japanese used vehicles worldwide. We have extensive selection of cars at our stock. We do also provide our customers with access to Japanese auto auctions.

considering Japanese-used-car?, then contact us. First-rate service charge is available at Autocom Japan Inc.

Don't delay, try today!

Oct 10, 2019

CARS on the way to #KENYA

Hundreds of used cars are on the way to #KENYA!
View the complete list here.
Dear Kenyans! #carperdiem2019 Do not miss your chance to pick up the best options, before the stock is gone!
#toyota #honda #nissan #mitsubishi #daihatsu #subaru #mercedes #bmw #volkswagen
RO-RO and container shipment options are available. Autocom Japan Inc. works with TOP shipping companies to ensure that customers receive their cars on time and in good condition.

Oct 9, 2019

Tanzania Used Car Market Report

Here are the facts about the most recent 1000 cars that AUTOCOM JAPAN has exported to #Tanzania.
The best selling #usedcars are #Toyota Ist, #Nissan #X-Trail, #Subaru #Forester and #Toyota #Premio. We have shipped more than 70 different models including Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Alphard, Suzuki Swift, Mazda CX-5, Toyota Crown, Nissan Juke and more. Around 70% of these cars are under 100 mileage.
Don't delay, shop at Autocom Japan Inc. today!

Sep 27, 2019

KENYA Used Car Market Report

Have a look at the statistics of KENYAN market. At Autocom Japan Inc., we always think of to deliver quality to our customers worldwide.
This time we focus on increasing our market share in #KENYA and keep up a good relationship with each of you.
So we would like you to invite to join us and have a great win-win partnership.

Sep 26, 2019

Autocom Japan offers #JDM vehicles for the USA and Canada Markets

Autocom Japan Inc has Special Offer for North American Market.
We export used JDM Vehicles by the RORO/Container load, direct from our yards in Japan to your destination.
We will take care all of the shipping and landline to the USA from Japan. All you need to do is go to the port and pickup your vehicle.
We believe that our export service will be a great value to you, and will help you reach your goals within your planned timeline.
#JDM vehicles older than 25 years may be imported into the USA. There variety of JDM vehicles in Japan. You can pick up from #kei trucks, #special interest vehicles to #highspec units, such as #Nissan #GTR #R31 #R32 #R33 #R34.
Autocom Japan has the strong logistics connection to the North America, you name the port, we do deliver either on the RORO lines, or Container shipment.
We provide the best quality JDM at the decent prices!
Autocom Japan is a member of all #japaneseautoauction in Japan, and we do provide you the unique platform for day-to-day selection, placing bids, auction sheet translations and verification, on-spot check up.
Browse through database of more than 140 000 cars per week in 140 auction auction houses to select your favorite vehicle.
JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)

Sep 18, 2019

Used Cars: Jamaican Market Report

Have a look at the statistics of Jamaican market. At Autocom Japan Inc., we always think of to deliver quality to our customers worldwide. This time we focus on increasing our market share in #JAMAICA and keep up a good relationship with each of you. So we would like you to invite to join us and have a great win-win partnership.

Aug 20, 2019

How to import cars from Japan to Jamaica

Autocom Japan Inc is the leading used car exporting company based in Yokohama, Japan. We export high-quality cars at competitive prices and have established more than 10 agents within the last decade.Due to our devotion in reaching out to our Caribbean client's needs, we are plunging in and committed to providing maximum support. We aid our clients at all levels; sourcing out units, proper inspection, test drive and extra services by our yard team before shipping.
We are the best in the business and our loyalty to our clients builds an exceptional relationship even after purchase.

We have the best staff committed at satisfying client needs and also with our extensive stock of cars we go beyond boundaries just to make sure our clients get exactly what they desire.
Get the best Quality Japanese used cars at very low prices.

How to Import Car from Japan to Jamaica?
This question became even easier to answer.
1. Make your Plan on MODEL UNIT STOCK
2. Asses your Budget
3. Get in touch with / quick chat for whatsapp: 819071806415
4. Get your Proforma Invoice for payment (make sure you will have the genuine ACJ Invoice)
5. Arrange your Broker on the ground for your import license (See the list links below)
6. Voilà! Less than 40DAYS You have your first RIDE!

Informative Links:
Jamaican Customs:
Duty free calculation:
The Jamaica Trade Board:

Contact Us

Need help? Send us a message.