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General Terms and Conditions

The following usage agreements sets the terms and conditions for use or the services provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), between Autocom Japan Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and registered users (hereinafter referred to as "users".

For terms and conditions related to the purchases, please refer to the relevant sales terms and conditions.

Article 1 (Application)

The following terms and conditions apply to any use of the service between the company and users.

Article 2 (User registration)

Application for registration is done through the method decided by the company, and all applications are approved solely at the company’s discretion

The company reserves the right to, refuse applications under the following conditions, and is under no obligation to disclose reasons for refusing applications:

Article 3 (User ID and Password Management)

Management of the user ID and Password is done under the sole risk of the user and is not to be transferred or shared with third parties. Any use of the users ID and Password will be judged to be the actions and responsibility of the user

Article 4 (Prohibited actions)

In using this service the user agrees not to perform any of the following:

Users of Autocom web services may not copy, replicate, distribute, upload or otherwise transmit any portion of the information or material obtained.
Automatic data collection, exploitation of the material or information obtained through Autocom web services is prohibited.

Article 5 (Restriction or suspension of the service)

The company reserves the right to restrict or suspend in full or in part the use of the service, without any prior notice to the user under the following conditions:

Under no condition will the company be held liable for any damages or losses suffered by users or third parties due to the suspension of the service

Article 6 (Restriction or termination of user registration)

The company reserves the right to restrict use of the service or terminate the user’s registration without prior notice under the following conditions:

Under no condition will the company be responsible for any losses or damages accrued due to restrictions or terminations of user registrations under this section

Article 7 (Disclaimer)

The company accepts no responsibility for information provided by users of the service or on this website

Furthermore the company accepts no liability for any type of losses or damages suffered by users or third parties under any circumstances, including those deemed to be the fault of the company

The company accepts no liability for any type damages or malfunctions caused as a result of downloading or uploading of files used in the service.

The company accepts no responsibility or any transactions, communications or disputes arising between the user and other users or third parties regarding this service.

Article 8 (Change of Service Content)

The company reserves the right to change or cancel any provision of the service, without notifying the user and will not bear responsibility for damage caused by this

Article 9 (Change of Terms of Service)

The company reserves the right to alter the terms of service without notifying the user, and the user will be bound by the updated terms

Article 10 (Notification or contact)

Any notice or contact between the user and the company shall be made according to the method specified by the Company.

Article 11 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

Rights or obligations under the terms of use cannot be transferred to a third party without written consent from the company and cannot be used as collateral.

Article 12 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

Terms and conditions listed are governed by Japanese law. In the case of any dispute related to the service, the court having he court having jurisdiction over the head office location of the Company shall be subject to exclusive agreement jurisdiction, with the Japanese agreement taking president

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