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Confirm Order

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    Sign into your account.

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    Go to the "Purchase History" tab on your "My Page"

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    You can check order history.

How to Edit order details

We do not allow customer to alter the order details, please contact you sales staff if you wish to make any changes to your order details

How to Cancel

If you wish to cancel your order please contact your sales staff. Please note that in some situations we may not be able to accept cancellations for orders.



What is an "Invoice"?


This is issued to you by Autocom Japan. The Invoice will contain the name, address and phone number of the purchaser, as well as a detailed description of the purchased vehicle.


How do I check the details of my order(s)


You can check your order history from your Mypage under "Purchase History".


How can I modify order details?


Order details cannot be modified from the buyer's side. Please contact your sales staff if you wish to modify your order.


I have received an invoice/bill/request to make payment to an account not belonging to Autocom Japan, what shall I do.
I received a bill different from AUTOCOM JAPAN.


Please ignore the request; this is a type of fraud. We will not ask you to make payments to any account, where the beneficiary is not "Autocom Japan Inc."
Autocom Japan assumes no responsibility for any deals or transferred made to accounts outside of our own. If you receive any suspicious emails or messages please let us know.

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